02 April 2010

First 2010 trip to the zoo!

My sister and her kids came into town this weekend to hang out with us so we took all the kids to Cosley Zoo - we had such a good time! We even saw a baby sheep moments after it had been born! Can't say I ever need to see that again!! Here is Kayden hanging out with Cousin Jordan (she got a lot of Kayden time this weekend - boy I wish she lived closer!!)
And Cousin Jenna and Cousin Tanner enjoyed animal watching too! Aunt Jodi even got her Kayden time in! I told her that maybe she could be my stand in for pictures for the next 6 months!! :) I mean, we do look alike and all!
Kayden thought it was fun to walk along the benches.....and Jenna and Tanner had fun trying on the silly hats in the store! We had such a great weekend and look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks!!