27 April 2010

2 YeaR STaTS

Kayden went to the dr today for his 2 year checkup and he is definitely our long and lean boy! He weighed in at only 27 pounds (25th percentile) and 34 inches tall (50th percentile). He is doing well with his talking - adding new words to his vocabulary every day and even stringing together 2-3 words to make little sentences - it is so cute!! His favorite words are 'beak' for bike which he HAS to ride EVERY day, 'dide' for outside which is where he ALWAYS has to be (mommy enjoys it on nice days!) and 'no daddy' which is soooo funny! His other often used words are ball, doggie, please, thank you, up, down, high, cheese, mommy, daddy, yes, no, blue (which everything is!), pee pee, and many more which I'm sure I am forgetting at the moment.
He is still sleeping really well - going to bed between 6:30 and 7 and sleeping until 7-7:30 (we've had a few days that he slept til 8:30 - THAT was nice!!). He also takes one nap a day - generally 2.5 hours! We know that we have a good sleeper on our hands -hopefully the next baby takes after his/her older brother!
And the dr was impressed that Kayden is going on the big boy potty at least 3-4 times a day and told me that we need to start trying to potty train him since he is showing such interest in it (rare, I guess, for a 2 year old boy!) - so we will be trying that in the next few weeks....stay tuned for the results!!