27 April 2010

2 YeaR STaTS

Kayden went to the dr today for his 2 year checkup and he is definitely our long and lean boy! He weighed in at only 27 pounds (25th percentile) and 34 inches tall (50th percentile). He is doing well with his talking - adding new words to his vocabulary every day and even stringing together 2-3 words to make little sentences - it is so cute!! His favorite words are 'beak' for bike which he HAS to ride EVERY day, 'dide' for outside which is where he ALWAYS has to be (mommy enjoys it on nice days!) and 'no daddy' which is soooo funny! His other often used words are ball, doggie, please, thank you, up, down, high, cheese, mommy, daddy, yes, no, blue (which everything is!), pee pee, and many more which I'm sure I am forgetting at the moment.
He is still sleeping really well - going to bed between 6:30 and 7 and sleeping until 7-7:30 (we've had a few days that he slept til 8:30 - THAT was nice!!). He also takes one nap a day - generally 2.5 hours! We know that we have a good sleeper on our hands -hopefully the next baby takes after his/her older brother!
And the dr was impressed that Kayden is going on the big boy potty at least 3-4 times a day and told me that we need to start trying to potty train him since he is showing such interest in it (rare, I guess, for a 2 year old boy!) - so we will be trying that in the next few weeks....stay tuned for the results!!

I CaN Do iT MoMMy!

This is what happens when you let a 2 year old dress (or undress) themselves! But I thought his 'outfit' was too cute and needed to be captured on camera!! Such a funny little guy, but i LOVE him!!

24 April 2010

LOOK at YoU.....YoU'Ve just turned TWO!!

Kayden turned TWO this week and I can't believe my little boy is two already! He came down in the morning to balloons (his favorite!) and presents on the table - he was sooo excited! We also had Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes for breakfast -what a special day!
We had our family over for dinner to celebrate Kayden's birthday and he enjoyed seeing everyone and playing with his cousins! He even did a good job blowing out the candles on his cupcake - and then it was time to enjoy it....and boy did he ever!
"That was yummy!"
Then it was time to open MORE presents.....Kayden loved everything that he got! And what a difference a year makes - he LOVES opening up his own presents, it is sooo cute to watch!
He loves his new basketball hoop - and he even made a few shots! (It's definitely one that he will grow into over the next few years)
My mom and I took Kayden to the DuPage Children's Museum on Friday and wow -what a place! I had heard from several people that it was fun but we had never had a chance to go - Kayden had such a good time and we will definitely have to go back again soon!
The music room was Kayden's second favorite room.....
...nothing can compare to BUBBLES though in Kayden's world these days!!
What a fun birthday week! We love you Kayden!!

17 April 2010

Cousin Connor's FIRST Birthday!

We went to Connor's 1st birthday party today and had great weather for April -the kids had so much fun playing together and Connor LOVED his BIG birthday cupcake!! Such a cutie..... Kayden got a birds-eye view of Connor and his cupcake with a little thanks to Daddy! And the most fun of all was jumping in the bounce house with Cousins Kyra and Landry - so much fun!!! Kayden has NEVER liked these things before but all of a sudden today, he LOVED it - it was cute to watch him laughing and having a good time!
Happy 1st Birthday Connor!!! We love you!

05 April 2010

EaSTeR 2010

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house this year and brought Kayden a little basket of goodies - he was sooo excited when he woke up and saw the basket at his spot at the table!! He couldn't wait to check it out and dug right in to the eggs....He got a cool froggie for the bathtub that winds up and 'kicks' itself thru the water- super cool!! and how did the Easter Bunny know that Kayden LOVES Bakugans?? This was the ultimate prize in his basket!!
We spent the afternoon at Uncle Kipp & Aunt Nadine's house (on the river which made me super nervous but all the kids did GREAT!) The weather was absolutely beautiful and didn't rain until we were ready to leave.
A little family picture (baby bump included!)
Cousin Kyra and Cousin Landry were blowing bubbles for Kayden and Hunter to catch -it was so cute to watch them!
Kayden of course had to hang out with Grampsy most of the day - I don't think he EVER leaves his side when Grampsy is around!
"Is this a good GQ pose?"
Kayden and his cousins....
The boys, just hanging out.....(yes, we bribed them with cookies to stay there!)

02 April 2010

First 2010 trip to the zoo!

My sister and her kids came into town this weekend to hang out with us so we took all the kids to Cosley Zoo - we had such a good time! We even saw a baby sheep moments after it had been born! Can't say I ever need to see that again!! Here is Kayden hanging out with Cousin Jordan (she got a lot of Kayden time this weekend - boy I wish she lived closer!!)
And Cousin Jenna and Cousin Tanner enjoyed animal watching too! Aunt Jodi even got her Kayden time in! I told her that maybe she could be my stand in for pictures for the next 6 months!! :) I mean, we do look alike and all!
Kayden thought it was fun to walk along the benches.....and Jenna and Tanner had fun trying on the silly hats in the store! We had such a great weekend and look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks!!