31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Once again this year, Kraig's family all came to our house to go trick or treating together - it's so fun that we have this tradition now! I love seeing all the kids together and they have such a blast! Kayden asked for weeks to go as Batman - so he got his wish - he was so excited!! And this year Carter was nice and warm in his bumblebee costume~ so cute!

IMG_4374 all the kids boys
Grampsy and his crew - Hunter, Ellie, Carter, Kyra, Landry, Connor and Kayden
grampsy and the kids 
Kraig and I and the boys
family picture

21 October 2011

Happy FIRST Birthday Little Carter!!

WHAT??! It's been a year already?! I cannot believe that little Carter is ONE! He has grown and changed so much in the past year and is becoming such a big boy these days. It is so fun to see him interacting more with Kayden and the two of them having a blast together - I hope they always have such fun together and are the best of friends! Carter is still the happiest kid - always a smile on his face (and always getting into something!) He is still sleeping great -2 naps a day and 13 hours at night! :)  He has 6 teeth so far and a couple more that are close to coming in. He weighs 20.5 pounds and is 29.5 inches.
IMG_4284 IMG_4274 IMG_4260 IMG_4285
Did I mention we have a WALKER on our hands??! Yes, Carter has taken a few steps! It's not his primary mode of movement yet, but he's getting the hang of it and loves when we cheer for him!
Kayden enjoyed "helping" Carter open his birthday presents!
And Carter enjoyed having his new book read to him by Daddy!
A little Daddy-Kayden time!
Happy Birthday Carter - we love you!!!

15 October 2011

Carter's FIRST Bday PARTY!!

Carter's first birthday isn't technically until next Friday but we had his party today!

The birthday boy was ready for his guests to arrive... IMG_4142
And big brother Kayden was all smiles! IMG_4140
We had some friends and family over to help celebrate the big milestone....
IMG_4151 IMG_4161
When it was cake time, Carter wasn't so sure at first. But after a few promptings (and help) from Kayden, he dug right in and didn't want to stop! IMG_4167 IMG_4171 IMG_4175 IMG_4178 IMG_4183 IMG_4187 IMG_4202
Happy family of FOUR~ IMG_4185
We LOVE you SO much Carter!!

13 October 2011

Soccer *STAR*

Kayden took a soccer class this fall and had a blast! He loved the fact that Mommy and Daddy couldn't be involved - we had to sit on the side (when the class was outside) and outside of the gym (when the class was inside). I can't believe that he is at the age where he can take classes all by himself without us around - just doesn't seem right!! But he loved it and that's all that matters! During the last class, he got to show Daddy and Mommy everything he learned. And he even got to play keep away from Daddy, which he LOVED!

IMG_4224 IMG_4242 IMG_4232 IMG_4234
Carter enjoyed sitting on the sidelines playing and watching!

12 October 2011

Norton Farm (again)

We went back to Norton Farm yesterday to play again - we met Kayden's friend Dylan and his new baby brother Brody there! The weather is still gorgeous so we're enjoying as many days outside as we can before the cold weather sets in. The boys had fun playing on the tractor...

Playing by the sign...
 IMG_4080 IMG_4086
Digging in the sand....
And tossing around the hay in the haybarn! IMG_4132

"J is for Job"

Kayden learns a "letter of the week" at daycare (one of the many reasons we LOVE Miss Jen!) and this week's letter was "J". They make a book for each letter and the pages are different things pertaining to that letter. This was one of the pages out of his "J" book - too cute! I love his answers!!

In case you can't read it, here's what it says:

Where does Mommy work? I don't know
What does she do at her job? She finds a different house
What things does she use to do her job? Computer, toys
What does she wear to her job? Green skirt, green sweater, tall black shoes
Why does she have a job? Because she has appointments
Does she like her job? Yes

Where does Daddy work? Target
What does he do at work? Takes a sandwich to eat and then calls somebody
What things does he use to do his job? Shoes, gum
What does he wear to his job? Gray pants, red shirt, black and brown shoes
Why does he have a job? Because Daddy has appointments
Does he like his job? Yes

Since we were discussing jobs, Kayden decided he needed a job and wanted to go to work with Uncle Logan. Lucky for him, we went there this week and he always loves to work with Uncle Logan when we go there! The ladies made him his own name badge and he was SO excited about it!!

10 October 2011

Scarecrow Fest 2011

Once again, we headed downtown St. Charles this weekend for the annual Scarecrow Fest - and once again, it was a gorgeous weekend for it! Sunny and 80 (in October, my kind of weather!). Kayden loved checking out the scarecrows and Carter even had a good time people-watching too!

IMG_3941 IMG_3953
We stopped in a store so Kayden could decorate (and eat!) a cookie - how fun! IMG_3956 IMG_3963
Kayden even got a tattoo!! IMG_3975
AND got his face painted for the first time - he sat so still for her and LOVED it!! IMG_3986 IMG_3988
What a fun day - gotta love the Scarecrow Festival!

09 October 2011

Grandpa Ken

My dad flew in for the week to visit us and we had such a great time with him - he hadn't seen Carter since he was born so needless to say, he has changed quite a bit since then! We kept him entertained all week and the boys LOVED hanging out with him!!
We had gorgeous weather while he was here (unseasonably warm for October - sunny and 80's!) so we took advantage and hit the park!
IMG_4024 IMG_4001 IMG_4005 IMG_4018
(I love the look of terror on Kayden's face in this picture! He went flying off the end of this slide!)

We miss you already Grandpa - come back again soon!!