28 August 2010

PoTTy uPDaTe

Kayden has been doing GREAT with his potty training!! He went 8 nights in a row waking up with a dry pull-up (yea Kayden!!) so we let him wear his big boy underwear to bed but unfortunately, he had too much to drink before bed that night and woke up a little wet! But last night he wore his big boy underwear to bed again and woke up DRY this morning - he was so excited!! He kept telling me 'no pee pee in bed'! He has also been doing great during the days - no accidents at home and a couple random accidents at daycare here and there. However, since I started bribing him this week (I know, I know....but it works!!) he has been dry at daycare too! I can't believe how BIG my little boy is getting - he is growing up so fast!!

26 August 2010

The Morton Arboretum

We went to the Morton Arboretum today and met Blake and Mimi there for some fun! We hadn't been there before but wow - what an awesome place that is! They have a lot of outside fun for kids - we only had time to explore part of it and Kayden had a blast! Here are the boys getting ready to throw their rocks into the water! and Kayden got to pump the water - he thought that was really cool!! Funny that kids these days don't even know what that is or what its purpose is!
Trying to get two boys to look at the camera at the same time?? Impossible!!
Kayden loved playing in the big treehouses and climbing on the bridges - he did AWESOME on this rope bridge and refused help from anyone -he had to do it himself!
Here are the boys racing across the bridge - they LOVED it!
and finishing the day off with the water ball - how cool is that??
Thank you Mimi and Blake for a wonderful day at the Arboretum!!

25 August 2010


I have been bribing Kayden to stay dry at daycare (we've had some problems there) and to not get any time-outs either! (we have had some problems with that too!) This week he has had a MUCH better week and today I gave him a 'reward' - a Mickey Mouse Pez dispenser and he LOVED it!!! He's never had Pez before but I figured it was a nice, easy thing for him - he was sooo excited when he saw it! (did I mention he loves Mickey Mouse??) :) I had to explain to him that he could pull the Pez out with his hands- he didn't have to pull it out with his teeth....although he enjoyed doing it that way! Bribery is not so bad if I get good results, right?? :)

22 August 2010

Happy Birthday Cousin LANDRY!

We went to Sunset Pool today for Cousin Landry's birthday party and had a fun time - we hadn't been to that pool before but it was a lot of fun - they have a great toddler area!! Kayden loved climbing the castle and sliding into the water! Of course, I didn't get ANY pictures of him in the water b/c I was too busy playing with him :) but here is the birthday girl.....and Kayden enjoying his cupcake and hanging out with Cousin Devyn! Happy Birthday Landry! We love you!

20 August 2010

MoVe oVeR MiCKeLSoN.......

We took Kayden to Pottawatomie Park yesterday to play mini-golf - he had such a good time!!! This was his first time golfing (outside of our backyard) and got his first lessons from Daddy! Daddy showed him the proper way to stand and hold the club..... ....he got ready to hit..... ......and then it went in!!!! He was so excited - yea Kayden!!!!

05 August 2010

Bye Bye Diapers!

Kayden is such a BIG boy now!! We have been potty training for the last week and a half now and it has been going great!! He has only had a couple accidents and every time has told us immediately and went to finish on the potty. We are working on getting him to tell us when he has to go - not just going when WE tell him it's time. Last night and today, he told us a couple times that he had to go - so I'll take it - it's definitely progress! He is LOVING his big boy Mickey Mouse underwear and cries if we try to put a pull-up on him (which is only for nighttime and daycare - and he wears it over his underwear for daycare).
In the last week, he has had TWO nights where he stayed dry all night - very impressive! And he has been dry during naps for the last couple weeks. Hopefully we can get all the kinks worked out and be all set by the time the baby comes. :)
It is definitely nice not changing diapers/pull-ups all day long (and not paying for them too!!) - I can't believe how quickly my little baby is growing up.