25 March 2011

Park Time!

As the weather warms up a little bit, we are getting out and enjoying the outdoors - we went to the park today and Carter got to go on the swings for the first time! He had so much fun and we can't wait to go back again soon!


24 March 2011

Time for School!

My sister got Kayden a backpack when Carter was born so he could take all his 'things' to daycare with him. He is STILL obsessed with this backpack and thinks he looks just like the kids who ride the bus! So he likes to put it on and tell us that he's going on the bus - it is so cute!


5 MoNtHs oLd

Carter turned 5 months old this week and is at such a fun age!! Lately, he LOVES to hear himself scream - and let me tell you, the kid can scream! It definitely hurts my ears....I can only imagine what that is going to be like in the years to come. He weighs 15 pounds and has started rice cereal (which he chows down!). We just got him some fruits and veggies but haven't started them yet.....possibly soon! He is a great sleeper for the most part -- 12-13 hours at night and he generally takes 3 naps in the day - from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours each. He's not much of a fan of 'tummy time' but what kid really is?? He has rolled once from his tummy to his back but other than that, doesn't show much interest in it -we'll see what the next month brings. He loves watching Kayden and of course, Kayden loves to have an audience! What fun these two boys are going to have growing up - so cute to see!

IMG_1697 IMG_1686 IMG_1716

12 March 2011

Like Father....Like Son

This was how I found Kayden this afternoon......wonder where he got this from!

He even had his game face on! IMG_1681

11 March 2011

Pajama Jam

Kayden likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pajama Jam before bedtime - and even dances along with them! So cute!!

IMG_1663 IMG_1664


Someone can't keep their eyes open at dinnertime these days!