20 January 2012

Snow Days!

We had our first real snowfall today and the boys had so much fun shoveling, sledding and making snow angels!

IMG_5079 IMG_5085 IMG_5096 IMG_5100 IMG_5103 IMG_5116

18 January 2012

Winter Time!

We finally got a little more snow for the boys to play in and they had a great time sledding down the driveway!
kayden sled carter sled carter snow
After playing outside in the cold, there's nothing better than spending some lazy time indoors! kayden boys

01 January 2012


My sister and her family came into town this year to celebrate New Year's Eve with us - the adults got to go to a party while the kids stayed home - we had a blast!
Here are the boys toasting the New Year~
IMG_4898 carter nye
And Mommy and Aunt Jodi~
jodi and mel nye
Rarely do Kraig and I get to go out together without kids - it was fun!
kraig and mel nye