28 January 2011

*3* Months Old!!

Carter turned 3 months old last week - oh, where has the time gone?! He is quite the HAPPY baby these days! He weighs 14 pounds, 3 oz and is sleeping 12-13 hours at night- yea!! We are still working on his daytime naps....he doesn't seem to like to nap more than 30 minutes in his crib, but put him in his swing - he'll sleep for hours! He is smiling all the time, babbling quite a bit and we're waiting for that first good belly laugh. Stay tuned.....

20 January 2011

14 January 2011

Cuddle Time!

Kayden is always asking if he can "hold" Carter- it is so cute! So we let them have a little cuddle time together yesterday. Kayden loved it and Carter didn't fuss at all - he generally hates his "tummy time" - I think I've figured out how to get him to do it........

11 January 2011

snow AGAIN??

We got more snow today so we spent a nice day inside hanging out - the boys were so great and we had fun!

 Our neighbor was nice enough to come over and snowblow our driveway for us - of course, the dogs and Kayden enjoyed watching him!!

10 January 2011