31 October 2008

Trick or Treat

Kayden and Cousin Landry getting ready to go trick-or-treating Kayden can't wait for Cousin Hunter to get bigger so they can play!
Kayden and Aunt Marisa
Kayden and Daddy

Happy Halloween!

Kayden celebrated his first Halloween today - and he had so much fun! He got to go to mommy's office for a halloween party....
and he got to wear his costume - he made a great dragon!
His buddy Cael also came over to hang out - a lion and a dragon...who would have thought?

23 October 2008

Pumpkin Farm

We went to the pumpkin farm today and Kayden couldn't pick just one pumpkin - he wanted them all! He's already over the 2' mark - and still growing! Kayden HAD to test out the outhouse - just for Grandpa Johnson!

22 October 2008

Happy Half Birthday!!

6 months old already - wow - what a big boy!! I know I've said it a million times but I can't believe how fast time is flying by - it doesn't seem like Kayden is already halfway to his first birthday! We went to the dr yesterday for his 6 month checkup and he is doing well - he weighs 18 lbs 0.6 oz (75th percentile) and is 27.5 inches tall (90th percentile) - I think I definitely have a tall boy on my hands - I'm sure he'll pass me up in no time! Kayden also got his first vaccination yesterday and wanted to show off his bandaid to everyone! :) He did well taking the shot - I think I took it a lot worse than he did. We also started some new foods this week! We are officially eating baby foods now (eating might be a generous term...more like gagging and spitting most times!). We tried peas for the first time this week and he is definitely daddy's little boy! He shuddered and gagged and spit them all out but of course once I got the camera out, he was all smiles. This was the best look of disgust I could get from him - next time I'll have to videotape it. Here are a few more pics from our photo shoot this past weekend - Kayden is sitting up on his own (and getting better at it everyday!). One of these days he is going to figure out crawling and then we're really going to have our hands full. Until then, we are just enjoying watching him grow and discover everything for the first time!

19 October 2008

Fall is Here!

Our friend Colleen was nice enough to take some FABULOUS family pictures for us out at Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve this weekend - the weather was beautiful and she did an excellent job- thanks again Colleen!!


This is how I found Kayden this afternoon when I went to wake him from his nap....I'm not sure what he was doing or how he could possibly sleep like that but he was sound asleep! It was too funny that I couldn't resist taking his picture!

Watching Da Bears with Daddy

Kayden loves sitting with daddy and watching the game - Go Bears!

18 October 2008

A Trip to the Park

We went to the park today and Kayden had a great time on the swings - he loved watching the people (and dogs!) walk by.

Big People Food (sort of...)

Kayden tried prunes this week for the first time....he really didn't enjoy them as much as it appears in these pictures! He had some interesting 'shudders' when trying to get them down!

08 October 2008

Just Sitting Around

Look at me~ I can sit and play all by myself!

07 October 2008

Kayden and Emerson

Did she just kiss me??

05 October 2008


Kayden was baptised today at Hosanna Lutheran Church in St. Charles. Kayden with Daddy and Mommy Kayden with Godmother Jodi and Godfathers Logan and Jared Kayden was very happy that his family came to share this special day with him!