31 May 2009

SuMMeRTiMe FuN!!

We had beautiful weather today so we got Kayden's baby pool out for him to play - this was about as close as he got to actually getting IN to the pool!! He did dunk his face in a few times and also figured out how to step on the side so all the water would rush out....he's a smart little cookie. Wrigley and Cabo enjoyed the weather outside with us too - they both thought the pool made a GREAT water bowl however I only caught Cabo with the camera! As you can see, Wrigley was too busy enjoying the shade.
And here's Kayden again enjoying his time NEXT to the pool, not actually in it. Oh well, maybe one of these days the water in the pool will be warm enough to actually sit and play in - or we'll just have to go to the BIG pool! But we did enjoy our nice weather today - even Mommy and Daddy got some sun!!

27 May 2009

WeekEND Trip

We took a trip this past weekend to Aunt Jodi and Uncle Troy's house. Cousin Jenna had a soccer tournament so we got to go watch her play! She did such a great job and her team won the whole tournament- Go Jenna!! She even scored a goal in the championship game!! Here she is on the field.... And Kayden got to enjoy snacks on the sideline - where there is food, he is all about it! He also had fun hanging out with Cousin Tanner and pestering him! And here is Cousin Tanner - he is getting so big - I can't believe he will be 5 this year - where does the time go?? By the way, this is about the 10th picture I took of him b/c he would either smile or look at the camera, but not both at the same time! Isn't he handsome??
Kayden with Cousin Jenna at the end of her game - he really WAS happy to see her!! I think he was just tired of watching all the games - he just wanted to play.
Thank you for a wonderful weekend!! We're sorry we missed you Cousin Jordan (she got to go to New York for the weekend - her school band played at Carnegie Hall - how cool!!) - we hope to see you next time!

10 May 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Kayden and Mommy met Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jan for a picnic in the park today - it was a little cooler than we hoped for but when the sun came out, it was really a beautiful day! Here are Kayden, Mommy and Grandma Mary.
Kayden enjoyed his first picnic! What could be better thean eating and hanging out outside?! Kayden did not want to have his picture taken - he just wanted to get down and play in the water!
Here's Grandpa Jan explaining to Kayden how you find the best rocks to skip in the water and the perfect form in which to skip them -Kayden is watching intently!
And here's Kayden at the end of the day....getting pretty tired but still hanging in there -what a trooper!
But he finally had to give in - it was just such an exhausting day! He slept the whole way home!!
We had such a good time and can't wait for more beautiful days outside!

09 May 2009


Spaghetti was on the menu tonight (and apparently on Kayden too!) What a messy, messy eater!! Needless to say, it was also bath night after dinner!

07 May 2009


We went to visit Baby Paige today and Kayden got to hang out with his buddy Cael. They went to the park and swung and played on the hill - oh so much fun!

04 May 2009

1 Year Pictures!

Here are some of the pictures we had taken this past weekend for Kayden's first birthday and some family pictures too! The weather was beautiful and we had such a good time - it's nice to finally be outside and enjoying it!!

Here are Kayden and Daddy goofing around!
Here's Kayden showing off how BIG he is!

Sneak Peak

Our friend Colleen was awesome enough to take Kayden's 1 year pics for us this weekend!! I am just looking thru them all now and there are so many great ones - I just can't pick!! Here is a sneak peak of what's to come - doesn't she do a great job?!! Thanks Colleen -you rock!! I'll try and get some more up tonight!