30 October 2010

Baby Carter

My friend Colleen came over today to take newborn photos of Carter and once again, she got some FANTASTIC pictures! We are so lucky to have her to take pictures and capture these moments in our lives- Colleen, you rock!! As you can tell, I have SO MANY favorites...I couldn't decide which ones to post so I have a bunch! :)

Lazy Days

We have been fortunate enough to have family here to help us while we are adjusting so we've had plenty of lazy days around here! Here is Carter just relaxing (and yes, sucking his thumb...so cute!)
 And Kayden...hamming it up as usual!

27 October 2010

Rub-a-Dub-Dub...First Scrub in the Tub!

Carter got his first 'bath' today - he didn't seem to enjoy it too much! Hopefully he will like them a bit more when he can get in the big tub and bathe in a little more water!

 Once he got his clothes on and was all warm and snuggly, he was a happy boy!

26 October 2010

Playtime at Home

Kayden is having such a fun time with his new little brother - he loves to hold his hand and give him kisses and hugs! He wants to "help" however he can in taking care of Carter - it is so cute to see!

25 October 2010


Carter had his first doctor's appointment today and it went well - he is starting to gain weight again after losing a few ounces in the first few days. The doctor said they expect them to be back up to their birth weight by 2 weeks old but Carter is almost there already - at only 4 days old! And he has gained an inch already  - up to 20" long! He is eating and sleeping well and we'll head back to the dr next week for his 2 week checkup!

23 October 2010

{Home Safely}

 We came home from the hospital today and are getting adjusted to life as a family of 4!
Carter did well on the car ride home - slept the whole way!

 Kayden is enjoying his role as the big brother - he just wants to hug and kiss Carter all the time! It is so cute!! He makes a wonderful big brother!

And Aunt Jodi is here to help while Mommy recovers....she has already styled Carter in his latest clothes! :)

21 October 2010

Carter is HERE!

 We are happy to announce that Carter Royal Johnson is here! Born on 10.21.10 at 9:26 am - he weighed 7 lbs, 10 oz and is 19 inches long. We are very excited to have him in our lives and big brother, Kayden couldn't be more thrilled!!

17 October 2010


Our friends had a Halloween party last night (on Kraig's bday - Happy Birthday Kraig!!) so we had a good excuse to get dressed up and have some fun before baby Carter comes! We decided to go with a family theme (because really, what is more fun when you have kids??) So Kayden was our  arresting police officer and Kraig and I donned our prison garb.....

Isn't he the cutest little police officer ever?? :) We had such a good time (and yes, apparently those horizontal stripes are flattering to a 9 month pregnant belly in this picture....or maybe it is the crop of the picture!) Thanks for a great party - we LOVE Halloween!

14 October 2010

{Mow Mow}

Kayden went from being afraid of the mower at the beginning of the summer to being obsessed with it and asking us every day to "mow mow" - it is so funny! Sometimes, Daddy even let's him 'help' which he thinks is the coolest thing and he is sooo proud of himself!
 But he also loves to get his mower out and assist Daddy as well - whatever Daddy is doing, Kayden wants to be doing too! I LOVE it!! 

12 October 2010


We spent the afternoon at a new place in St. Charles called Kids Play World - they just opened in August and had a FREE Fall Festival today - since, FREE is totally in my price range, we thought we'd check it out!  The place is set up with about 6 different rooms all with different themes - very CUTE!

 Kayden loved the train table as did all the boys! We met our friends Charlie and Bryce there and Kayden's new friend - Dylan!
 Bryce loved the train table too!
 Charlie and Kayden had a great time 'sharing' the tools - this chain saw was a big hit!

 This is Kayden's new friend, Dylan - isn't he a cutie??
 Kayden LOVES to clean - sweeping, vacuuming, you name it and he is all about it - if only that would last! So this room was a big hit for him - he even checked out the ironing board! (must get that from daddy b/c mommy does NOT like to iron!)
 The horsie was a big hit too - he kept saying it was like the horses at Grampsy's house (although the horses aren't even there anymore!)
 One of the coolest rooms was this 'dark room' - they had music blasting and lights flashing - the kids all loved it! Kayden was rocking out to his guitar and dancing - it was sooo cute!!
 And the bouncey ball was fun - although he took a few good tumbles right off of it- but he kept getting right back on it!

 He finished out the afternoon with a little quiet time reading the books- he's definitely our little bookworm!

Pumpkins and MORE Pumpkins

We went to Windy Acres Farm this morning to spend the beautiful day outdoors - sunny and 75 again today - couldn't ask for better weather in October!
 My pumpkin amidst pumpkins!
 Kayden and our neighbor Braden playing in the pumpkins and climbing the hay tower.

 Running thru the maze
 Wheeee....here I go!
 Riding all the tractors around was fun!
 and the see-saw was even more fun!