29 March 2009

Just hanging around at home

We woke up to a snow day today (yes, several inches at the end of March!) - so we had a nice day inside today. Kayden climbed up into the dogs' bed - he thought it was a great place to play! And here's Cabo basking in the sun - kinda reminds me of myself! :) And here's Kayden walking around burning off some energy before bedtime - he plays hard and crashes harder!

27 March 2009

~11 months OLD~

Ok, I've said it every month but time is really flying by - we are already planning his first birthday party! Kayden is now weighing in at 20 lbs, 3 oz - he just keeps growing! He has totally weaned himself from nursing and is now eating all 'big people' food (which is nice that we can all eat the same thing!) and drinking milk - which he LOVES, just like daddy. He is walking all over the place (with assistance from any toy that he can push around or any furniture) - I'm finding my kitchen chairs all over the place these days as apparently they slide around the floor nicely for him to get where he needs to get! He has also taken a few steps on his own but still seems pretty timid about it. He seems to really like to walk to Grandpa Johnson though! He has also learned how to wave bye-bye and blow kisses - it's so cute! And he has two more teeth - we're up to 6 so far -the 4 top and the 2 bottom! We are looking forward to this summer when we can get outside and play - and be healthy for long periods of time!!

Watching the train

Did you see that train Cael? It was a long one!