31 October 2009

The Dr is IN!

Kayden got to wear his Halloween costume two more times this week -first, we went to the Geneva Halloween walk downtown and checked out the local stores and got some candy - he loved seeing all the other kids walking around! Then, we went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. It was quite chilly and he made it about a block and then came home with Daddy to hand out candy to all the other kids - he LOVED that! He'd run to the door every time the doorbell rang and would watch all the kids in their costumes. Cousin Kyra and Cousin Hunter came over to trick-or treat with Kayden as well as Cousin Landry and Cousin Connor -they all had so much fun! Here is Cousin Kyra making sure the boys know who is in charge......

29 October 2009

Pumpkins, Pumpkins

We took Kayden to the pumpkin farm today and he had a great time - so many pumpkins to choose from! I'll take THIS one Daddy! Don't worry, I'll get it! Wait for me Daddy - I don't know how you got there!

27 October 2009

18 months!!

Kayden turned 18 months old last week - wow!! What a different boy from 6 months ago. He is running around, talking and babbling non-stop, laughing (such a funny boy!), LOVES reading his books, enjoys his daycare and playing with his buddies there, still LOVES to be outside (and would prefer to be there all day!) and absolutely LOVES his Grampsy!! He prefers Grampsy over Daddy AND Mommy - it is so cute to see! He is still sleeping 12-13 hours at night and taking 1 nap a day that is between 2-3 hours - he is a great sleeper! We went to the dr today for his checkup and he is doing great - he weighed in at 24 lbs (25th percentile) and is 32 inches tall (50th percentile). We are working on adding more and more words to his vocabulary every day --it's amazing to see the changes in him daily - he has such a great personality and is so fun to be around! We are looking forward to all the new adventures to come.....stay tuned!

25 October 2009

Windy Acres Pumpkin Farm

My sister and her kids came to visit us this weekend so we took the kids to the pumpkin farm today - the weather was gorgeous but it was completely muddy out from all the rain we have had this week! Here is my sister and her kids.... Cousin Tanner and Kayden picking pumpkins... Kayden being silly!
"Mom....help me out of this maze!"
Kayden refused to look at the camera most of the day....this picture is a good example of that.... "I'll stand here Mom but i will NOT look up!" I can't believe how tall he is getting!!

Cousin Kyra's Halloween Birthday!

Cousin Kyra had her birthday party this weekend and it was a Halloween theme - so all the kids got to wear their costumes a bit early this year! Kyra was a pretty princess - Happy Birthday Kyra!! This year for Halloween, Kayden is Dr. QT Patootie - paging Dr. Kayden.....Cousin Connor has the most beautiful eyes - I LOVE this picture!! Isn't he adorable?? Cousin Landry is also a pretty princess
And Cousin Tanner came into town as Jeff Gordon -isn't he cute?

More Family Pics

Here are some more of our fall pictures we had taken last weekend - some of my favs!

18 October 2009

FaLl FaMiLy PiCs!!

Once again my friend Colleen did not disappoint!! We had her shoot our fall family pictures and Kayden's 18 month pictures this weekend and wow - there are too many good ones to choose from!! I haven't had a chance to go thru them all yet so here is a sampling of what she did....more to come!

10 October 2009

SCAREcrow Fest

Kraig & I took Kayden to the Scarecrow Festival today - it was a lot of fun to see all of the scarecrows different companies, organizations and people had created - what talent and imagination! But boy was it cold out today -only in the mid 40's - brrr!! Let's hope winter is not quite here yet....I could use a few more days of warmer weather.

09 October 2009

ArIzOnA VaCa!!!

We stayed at my mom's house in Arizona and had a great vacation - the weather was perfect every day and we enjoyed a lot of time outside. Kayden took his first plane ride to Arizona - and he really did enjoy it more than it seems in this picture! He was a good boy on the plane considering the small space we were in. And he slept part of the way both ways!Kayden spent 4 days with Grandma Mary while we went to the wedding - and he had such a great time!! Thank you Grandma Mary!he hung out on her patio...... checked out the golf course from Grandma's backyard...hung out at the pool...... chased the birds around the pool area..... and he LOVED the fact that Grandma has 'lever' knobs on her doors- so easy for him to open!! The pantry seemed to be his favorite place to go - always wanting a snack (notice there is nothing actually in his reach!).......We went to visit some friends who live in Arizona and got to spend the day in their pool - what great mountain views they have from their backyard! Here is Kayden 'swimming' with daddy - he did a great job on his belly and kept dunking his face over and over again in the water - he's such a little fish! and he LOVED their dog Mia - so cute!!Here is Mommy and Grandma
Daddy, Kayden and Mommy at the fountain
We had such a great time on our much-needed family vacation - we can't wait to go back again soon!!

{Colleen's wedding}

We flew to Arizona last week for my lifelong friend Colleen's wedding - the weather was gorgeous and the beach wedding was beautiful! Here are Kraig and I at the rehearsal dinner - sure beats the scenery here in IL!Here are my girlfriends and their husbands (from left) Amanda & Tanner, the beautiful bride Colleen and her new husband Rick, Kraig and I, and Alexis and Osama - such a fun bunch! All of us girls have been friends since grade school/high school and all went to college together (we even roomed together!) Here is the new Mr. & Mrs. McShea!! Kraig and I at the reception (yes, Kraig fell asleep by the pool.....)The "girls"
Thank you Colleen & Rick for a beautiful weekend and including us in your special day -we love you guys!