30 September 2008

Rock 'n ROLL!

How did I get here?
Oh yeah, I rolled over!!!

28 September 2008

Homecoming 2008

Kayden got to hang out with Uncle Logan and Allison before they went to Homecoming - don't they look cute?

22 September 2008

5 months old

Wow - 5 months old - our little guy is getting so old! Kayden is at such a fun age now. He is rolling onto his side and working on getting all the way over. He can sit with a little help and can also sit on his own for a few seconds - he's working on being able to sit all by himself! He is laughing and squeling and has learned how to scream loud and thinks it is funny when he does it. (And funnier when you do it back to him). He has transitioned to oatmeal and loves that much more than he did the rice cereal. We can't wait until next month when he can start fruits and vegetables! He is still sleeping thru the night (although he has been waking occasionally due to some teething pain). No teeth yet but we think he is close to getting some. Such big milestones coming up in the next month -stay tuned!

White Sox......no way!

For all those White Sox fans at Daddy's work (and for Uncle Pat and Aunt Marisa too!) - go Twins!!!

20 September 2008

Go Cubs Go!

Did they win?? GO CUBS! Sorry Grandpa Ken, Uncle Brian and Uncle Shawn - but they beat your Cardinals and are headed to the playoffs!

13 September 2008

What's the matter?

Where did my best buddy go??

07 September 2008

Are you ready for some football??

I can't wait for my first Bears game!! What time did you say the game is?
I'm going to have to stay up late tonight!

Rice Cereal

Kayden tried rice cereal for the first time yesterday - he's still deciding whether he likes it or not. I think more ended up on his bib than in his belly!