30 July 2008

First Laugh

Kayden belly laughed for the first time while we were on vacation and we ran quick to get the video camera and catch it on video! Unfortunately, by the time we got the camera he was getting tired out, but we did get a few good laughs on there - so enjoy!

29 July 2008


Mommy, what are these things you call 'piggies' and where did my harness go??
Kayden went to the dr yesterday and had xrays done on his hips - according to the dr, his hips looked 'perfect'! So he no longer has to wear his harness - yea!!! We will have to go back a few times in the next year for checkup xrays to make sure that his hips are still developing correctly but we are so happy that the harness is history! And to celebrate this milestone, Kayden slept 11 hours straight last night - he must have been glad to stretch out.

27 July 2008

Vacation - Lake Fourteen

Watching TV in the cabin Hanging out with dad is fun... and tiring too! Mom, Dad & Kayden Kayden with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson (and Amigo too!)
Thank you for a good time!

3 months old

Kayden turned 3 months old last week!

20 July 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Kayden and Charlie hit the splashpark today and had lots of fun...... ...so much fun that poor Kayden was exhausted! It's a good thing those lawn chairs are comfy!

17 July 2008

This is the life....

Kayden hung out at Bob and Donna's pool today and loved the 'big people's raft' - it was a great place to catch some rays!

16 July 2008

Snip, Snip

Kayden got his FIRST haircut today (and he needed it!) Thanks Becki for doing a wonderful job (and giving him a cool seat to sit in and watch the fishies while getting a cut!)

Lunch at Aunt Marisa's

We had lunch yesterday at Aunt Marisa's and Kayden had lots of fun! -thanks Marisa - the food was delicious! Kayden can't wait for you to come hang out with him again!!

14 July 2008

12 weeks old!

Kayden is 12 weeks old today - how time flies! He is still in his harness but hopefully only a few more weeks. We go back to the dr in two weeks for xrays to see how he is progressing and hopefully at that point he will just have to wear it at night. We also found out last week that he has acid reflux - he was throwing up every meal and screaming during the day and not sleeping well at night but now he is on medication and has it under better control - he is a much happier baby now!

10 July 2008

Road Trip!

Kayden took his first road trip to Aunt Jodi's house And had lots of fun in the pool with her!

02 July 2008

The Boys Club

Kayden, Blake, Charlie and Grant Charlie held Blake's hand to try and stop the crying! Grant, stop kicking me already - we know you can move your legs! Mommy, why is Blake still crying?