05 April 2010

EaSTeR 2010

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house this year and brought Kayden a little basket of goodies - he was sooo excited when he woke up and saw the basket at his spot at the table!! He couldn't wait to check it out and dug right in to the eggs....He got a cool froggie for the bathtub that winds up and 'kicks' itself thru the water- super cool!! and how did the Easter Bunny know that Kayden LOVES Bakugans?? This was the ultimate prize in his basket!!
We spent the afternoon at Uncle Kipp & Aunt Nadine's house (on the river which made me super nervous but all the kids did GREAT!) The weather was absolutely beautiful and didn't rain until we were ready to leave.
A little family picture (baby bump included!)
Cousin Kyra and Cousin Landry were blowing bubbles for Kayden and Hunter to catch -it was so cute to watch them!
Kayden of course had to hang out with Grampsy most of the day - I don't think he EVER leaves his side when Grampsy is around!
"Is this a good GQ pose?"
Kayden and his cousins....
The boys, just hanging out.....(yes, we bribed them with cookies to stay there!)