28 April 2009

HIDE and Seek

Kayden has been working on some new hiding spaces -
he seems to fit in there quite nicely!

22 April 2009


Kayden is officially walking! Don't mind the camera angle on this video....Kraig didn't realize that I cannot (or should I say, don't know how to!) edit the video to correct the angle - so tilt your head halfway thru and it will be fine! But watch out - because Kayden is officially on the loose!

21 April 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday Kayden!

Happy Birthday to our Baby Boy!! I cannot believe that he is ONE already - how time flies by! He woke up so happy this morning and ready to start the day -there is nothing like seeing this cute face peering over the crib at me when I walk in his room in the morning!Playing with all the balloons - oh what a good time!Such a ham!! Happy, happy boy enjoying his lunch. Kayden is such a big boy now - he gets to face forward in the car! Yea!! And he's enjoying seeing all the new views as we drive!Daddy is such a funny guy and makes Kayden laugh. And the drooling is still never ending - he has two more teeth coming in which will give us a grand total of 8 so far!Mommy, I think I can walk all by myself............See, I told you I could do it by myself!!
It's true - we have a WALKER on our hands! He's getting more and more comfortable on his feet and goes a bit further on his own every day. I know it won't be long now before he is taking off - watch out!~ Happy Birthday Dear Kayden - we love you and can't wait for your next year of adventures!! Love, Mommy & Daddy~

19 April 2009

It's PARTY time!!

We had Kayden's FIRST birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun! The weather was beautiful -sunny and 70's. Here is Kayden with his cake- he wasn't much of a fan of actually eating it but he did enjoy playing with it. This beer looks good Mommy - can I have some?? I'm ONE now!Oh I'm just kidding Mommy!!Kayden enjoyed opening all his presents - thank you everyone for the gifts -
he is having such a good time playing with all his new toys!Just hanging out with Grampsy - Kayden LOVES his time with grandpa!!Everyone came to hang out with the birthday boy....Uncle Logan and Allison, Uncle Jared and Uncle Matt, and Cousin Kyra, Cousin Landry and Friend Keira. Thank you again to everyone for sharing his special day with us - we appreciate it and love you all!

12 April 2009

happy EASTER!

We had a great Easter at Aunt Danelle and Uncle Matt's today - they even planned an Easter egg hunt for us!! Kayden was all geared up and ready to go!
I found one Mommy - here it is!!!! Thanks for putting it in my bag! How many are in there?? Yummy - these eggs are good! And look how many are over here! Time to count my eggs~ Happy Easter Everyone!
All of that egg hunting is HARD work...time for a break on the seesaw!
Go Daddy Go! Cousins Landry, Myranda and Kyra all joined in the Egg Hunt too! And Cousin Hunter hung out with Grampsy and watched! Just give us a few more months until we are causing trouble together!! We had such a great day today - thank you again Aunt Danelle for everything -it was wonderful! We are looking forward to the weather getting warmer and being able to spend more time outside exploring.
OH-and Kayden is now taking about 5-6 steps on his own - we'll get it on video and get it posted- it is so cute!! We might have a walker on our hands by his birthday - stay tuned!

06 April 2009

Mommy's LiTtLe HeLpEr

Do we need some napkins for dinner? I think there are a few more things in here.....
Yep...that's everything now!

03 April 2009

Kayden is seeing DOUBLE!

Kayden had a playdate today with his two new girlfriends - TWINS! Oh what is a boy to do?? =) We had such a great time playing with Lexi & Kate and can't wait to see them again soon!
Here is Kate showing off her great balance. She and Kayden really hit it off - she might have even shown him who was boss a few times! And here's little Lexi - such a precious little thing! There were so many new toys for Kayden to play with - he couldn't figure out what to do next!
And here's Kayden playing peek-a-boo before bedtime tonight -
such a funny little guy!