21 June 2009

Father's Day 2009

Happy Father's Day Kraig! You are a wonderful father and Kayden couldn't have asked for a better Dad -- we LOVE you!! And Happy Father's Day to Grampsy, Grandpa Ken and Grandpa Jan too!

15 June 2009

Happy Birthday Grampsy!

We celebrated Grandpa Johnson's (aka Grampsy) birthday this past weekend - here he is with Hunter, Myranda, Kyra, Connor, Devyn, Kayden and Landry. Kayden hanging out with Connor and Hunter -they are all so close in age and are going to be the best of cousins as they get older - we can't wait to watch them grow up together! And of course Kyra had to join them too - she's such a good cousin and big sister!

14 June 2009

ROCK on!

Our neighbor's band played tonight and Kayden got in the spirit by rocking a mohawk! Here is Garrett and his band in action -they were awesome!!! Neighbor Sheila and Mommy having fun in the crowd!
Here is Kayden enjoying his time outside listening to the band -Go Garrett!!
Rock Star Garrett and Kayden hanging out between sets! Great job Garrett -we enjoyed listening to you - you guys rock!!

11 June 2009

{Biker Babe!}

Kayden went for a cruise on his bike today - he LOVES it! Every time we go into the garage, he climbs on it and waits for someone to push him - it's so cute!! Now if he could just learn to peddle himself......maybe when his legs get a little longer!

04 June 2009

MmMmMm....BeeF JeRKeY!

For those of you who know Kraig well, you know how much he LOVES his beef jerkey!! And ever since Kayden was born, he hasn't stopped talking about Kayden eating beef jerkey with him. Well....today was THE day! Kayden tried beef jerkey for the first time - and he really did seem to like it! Here he is watching daddy tempting him with some.... And here he is with his very own bite~ Yum, yum!!