26 December 2009

SNOW day....

We got A LOT of snow today so Kayden got to try out his new shovel that he got for Christmas! He went out to help Mommy and Daddy shovel the driveway and got to play in the snow too! He helped Daddy build a "snow" castle..... and then had MORE fun kicking it down!!
And he got to make snow angels too - he was having so much fun in the snow drifts that were way up over his head!! (this is actually the snowpile on the side of our driveway that he is SITTING in, not lying down....if that tells you how much snow we got)
And before we went inside, we had to try out his new sled too...but he was cold (and had lost a mitten) and was tired of being outside at this point. So we headed inside to warm up!

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year!! Kayden enjoyed opening all his presents and we all enjoyed spending time with family! Kayden came down the stairs on Christmas morning to see the lights glowing on the tree and presents underneath!We spent the morning in our jammies opening presents - Kayden wanted to open them all (including the ones for everyone else!) His first present..... ...was a Mr. Potato Head that Daddy picked out - he loved it!!!
He also got a ball pit, basketball hoop, and lots of other fun stuff! After breakfast, we headed back over to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's to spend the day with the Johnson family. It is always so fun there with all the family and all the kids - they have such a great time together! Opening presents with Daddy.... Reading books with Grampsy (and wearing the CUTE stocking hat that Grandma knit for him!)
Kayden and Hunter checking out the new toys (these two are already trouble together!) And here's the rest of the chaos -this is what I LOVE about a big family! There is always someone else around and something else going on - so many people to share the day with! We headed back home in the afternoon and set up Kayden's new ball pit - he had so much fun playing in it!! (unfortunately, it had a hole in it and by bedtime, one whole side had deflated! so it will be finding its way back to the store and hopefully a replacement of some sort will come in its place) We had a wonderful Christmas -- thank you to everyone for the fabulous gifts and thanks to those that spent the day with us! Merry Christmas!!

Christmas EVE

We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house with the Johnson family and had so much fun! Here's Kayden showing off his "Christmas" outfit...doesn't he look handsome??
Grampsy spent the evening reading to Kayden and Hunter while Connor listened in....he must have read that book 50 times!Kayden got a lot of loving from Cousins Kyra and Landry! They kept calling him their prince/brother/boy all night - it was cute!! (and of course he LOVES the attention!) As the night wore on (and he stayed up 3 hours past his bedtime!) Kayden started to zone out a little more....
...and by the time we tried to get a picture of all 3 boys, he was done with pictures! But look how cute the three of them are -they are certainly going to be trouble in another 6 months!

09 December 2009


We got our first snowfall this week and Kayden got to sport his new boots and coat to go out and play yesterday! He helped Mommy shovel the driveway so he could get his bikes out and ride!! We got another couple inches last night and are expected to get a few more today. Unfortunately, we are also supposed to get 40 mph winds and -20 wind chill tomorrow so looks like we won't be back out to play in the snow until Friday. I think it's going to be a long winter........

29 November 2009

{Christmas Card Photos}

We had Kayden's picture taken today for our Christmas card - my friend Colleen did them for us again and she did not disappoint - what great photos!! I can't show the ones I used for our card but here are some I didn't use......

27 November 2009

Oh Christmas Tree....Oh Christmas Tree

We went to the Sinnissippi Forest Tree Farm out in Oregon (town, not state!) today to cut down our Christmas tree - it is a Johnson Family tradition and they have been going there for the past 18 years! Sadly, this is the last year the Tree Farm will be open - they have decided to close down. We all tried to convince Grandma and Grampsy to buy the farm and we could all live there and run it! Couldn't you just see Kraig working on a farm?? Anyways, back to our day - we couldn't have picked a better day -sunny and around 45 (the 45 was not nice for me but the sunshine was definitely wonderful!)
We all met out front and then headed out from there in search of the 'perfect' tree for everyone! Somehow Aunt Danelle and Cousin Hunter convinced Uncle Matt to give them a ride on the tree cart (I'm pretty sure those carts said "no riding" on them......)
Kayden got a birds-eye view of the trees thanks to Grampsy! He was in search of the perfect tree for us... ....and he found it! Here he is with Mommy next to our tree. And Uncle Logan was even nice enough to cut it down for us (since Daddy had to work today and couldn't join us. And let's be honest...does anyone really see Mommy cutting it down??)
Kayden decided to get on the cart and take a ride with the tree (again, that "no riding" sign is coming to mind) And Cousins Landry and Kyra were even playing around with Kayden - showing him the twigs they had collected!
Cousin Connor and Cousin Hunter also had a great time today! I can't wait til these 3 boys get a little older and are all running around and playing with each other - it will be so cute!! Maybe next Christmas.....watch out!
They had horse-drawn rides at the tree farm today -Mommy and Kayden took a ride around the farm and had fun!!
And last, but certainly not least, SANTA was at the farm!! I think it's safe to say that Santa and Kayden will NOT be a good match this year!! Kayden wanted NOTHING to do with him....Bah Humbug! We had such a great time today - can't forget about the yummy donuts we had at the tree farm too~ Kayden enjoyed those! We're looking forward to a happy and healthy holiday season!!

{Gobble Gobble}

We spent Thanksgiving Day with the Johnson family at Grandma and Grampsy's house and had such a good time! Here is Kayden playing with Uncle Logan and Cousin Hunter..... Cousins Myranda and Devyn - such beautiful girls! Cousins Landry and Kyra playing ponies and Hunter tried to play too!
and Kayden even found a Santa his size to play with - maybe he was telling him his Christmas wish list??....