30 September 2010

Norton Farm

We took a trip to Norton Farm today and met Kayden's friend Charlie -they had such a great time running around and playing together! They chased each other up the haystacks...

And played in the sand...

 They had fun running thru the maze (and even walking on top of it!)..

 The tractor was a lot of fun!! They both got to "drive"

 Kayden and his buddy Charlie
Thanks for meeting us -we had such a great time!!

26 September 2010

Baby Shower Luncheon

Kraig's sister Danelle hosted a baby shower luncheon for me today to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Carter! So for those of you who have been DYING to see pics of the pregnant girl....here they are (or at least the best you are going to get!) :)

Thanks Danelle for a wonderful luncheon and thank you everyone who came - it was so nice to spend the day with you and we can't wait for you to meet Carter!!

Baby's Room

The baby's room is FINALLY done!! And just in time too......we only have about 3 weeks left til he arrives! Kraig has been hard at work on the room - and he did a fantastic job!!

And YES.....he has a name! Carter Royal Johnson - we can't wait to meet you!!!

24 September 2010

BIG Boy!

Kayden is becoming quite the BIG boy lately!! He LOVES drinking from a big boy cup - thinks he is sooo cool (and looks pretty darn grown up doing it!). This week, he stayed dry ALL week at daycare (he was having an accident or two a week there) so he is now allowed to wear underwear to daycare since he had such a great week!! Yea - officially NO MORE pullups anywhere!! And last week, we switched him to his big boy bed and he has done GREAT so far! He loves to climb in and lay down and hasn't gotten out in the middle of the night (so far). He sits in there in the morning and reads his books and waits for us to come in and get him -then he climbs out - it is sooo cute!! Let's hope it stays that way! :)

And our "other" boys felt they needed their photo taken too - so here they are!

23 September 2010

2Toots.....Choo Choo!

Kayden's friends Cael and Paige joined us today on a train ride to 2Toots restaurant - a cute little train restaurant in Glen Ellyn - a train comes around and delivers your food right to your table! The boys LOVED it!! We rode the train over there.....

They loved the train ride! Then it was time to hit the restaurant - they had no idea where we were going but were very happy with what they found!! Watching the train go around and around was a lot of fun (and tempting to touch!)

The train whistles that came with their food were a huge hit! (Not so sure the people on the train ride home liked them....but that's a whole other story!)

We had such a good time!! Thanks Blaudows for joining us!!! 

16 September 2010


It was a windy, cool, overcast fall day today so we decided to check out the Storytime at Barnes & Nobles today. Kayden's friend Blake met us there and we also ran into Lucy - who is in Kayden's daycare - he was so excited to see her!! The boys did well sitting and listening to the stories.....
and afterwards, they got to color and play with the choo-choo's - we had such a good morning!!

12 September 2010

Go Bears Go!!

The Bears played their first game of the regular season today and Kayden was ready to go in his Bears jersey!
"Oh my gosh Mom - was that really a touchdown? Oh good -they are reviewing it!"
Bears Win!!

07 September 2010

FaMiLy GeT ToGeThEr

We went to my sister's in Indiana this weekend for a family get together and all the cousins got to play and hang out - it is so great to see them all together - my older nieces are growing up so fast and the younger ones had fun playing together! Here are the cousins - Amy, Anne, Jenna, Tanner, Jordan and Kayden!

Cousin Tanner has some super cool toys that Kayden just loved!! First was the Jeff Gordon motorized car....Kayden wasn't sure about it at first but once he got it going, he didn't want to give up his turn!
Then there was the scooter - Kayden definitely needs one of these b/c he is always trying to ride his little car at home like a scooter - one foot on the seat and the other pushing himself around the house!! Uncle Shawn and Uncle Brian were very helpful giving 'scooter lessons' to Kayden while Grandma supervised...
Then it was Kayden's turn to try....
.......he LOVED it!!
He also enjoyed playing with Tanner's dart gun...
We had such a good time seeing everyone and spending time with them - hopefully we'll see you all again sometime soon!! Until then, cheers from Kayden! :)