30 May 2011

Staying Cool

We had a nice, hot day today so we found some ways to stay cool! Kayden loved running thru his sprinkler but then had a BLAST when our neighbors got out their inflatable waterslide - what a fun time!!

IMG_2320 IMG_2339 IMG_2335 IMG_2332
Carter just enjoyed hanging out in the shade and watching!

22 May 2011


Kayden got a little 'airplane' ride from Daddy and loved it!!


7 months!

Carter turned 7 months old this weekend and is still such a happy boy! 

He LOVES trying to stand!
And is now officially rolling over too~ gotta keep an eye on this guy! IMG_2288 IMG_2289
What a big boy and so much more in store for the next month!

17 May 2011

Park Playdate

We met our friends Cael and Paige at the park today for a little impromptu playdate -they all had fun hanging out and playing together!
IMG_2253 IMG_2252 IMG_2241 IMG_2251

13 May 2011

10 May 2011


We spent the day outside today enjoying the beautiful weather and the fireman came around to flush our hydrants - which was very exciting for Kayden!! They even gave him his own fireman's hat - he was sooo thrilled!!

kayden firehat

08 May 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Beautiful weather today for Mother's Day - sunny and 70's -finally!! We spent all morning outside mowing the yard and playing and just enjoying the nice weather! Here are me and my boys....

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there!!

07 May 2011

Our little guy!

Carter is becoming such a big boy these days - can't believe he's not our newborn anymore!! Just a few pics of him...our happy little guy!

IMG_2214 IMG_2203