29 June 2010

Family Pictures

My friend Colleen took our photos this weekend and once again, she did NOT disappoint!!! What an amazing job she did - here is just a sneak peak until I get my hands on the rest!! Kayden is quite the cheese-head these days - when asked to cheese for the camera, he does it for sure! and he LOVES giving baby kisses! We stopped at Graham's Chocolates in Geneva for some ice cream - he was in heaven!!

26 June 2010

Monkey-ing around

We went to the park this afternoon and lately every time we go, Kayden LOVES to hang on every bar and ring he can find! He's really building up those arm muscles- :). But how cute is this little monkey??

25 June 2010

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Kayden is obsessed with Mickey Mouse these days! It is the ONLY thing that he will sit and watch - and he asks for it EVERY day! It is just so cute to see him sitting there and watching it so intently (and helpful when I am trying to get dinner made!)

23 June 2010

Lil Soccer Star

Kayden started his soccer class tonight and was excited to have Mommy and Daddy there with him! His buddy Tyler took the class with him.....and he did well kicking the ball into the net (when he wasn't trying to shoot it into the basketball hoops.....I think he forgot what class we were there for!) :)
He even kicked it past Daddy! :)
The class ran right until his bedtime and he was definitely ready to leave by the end - he kept asking to go home! But he had fun and we are looking forward to next week.

21 June 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!

Daddy had to work on Father's Day - but we got a quick picture of him and his 'mini-me' before he left! The weather turned out to be nice (even though they were calling for rain AGAIN) so Kayden and Mommy mowed the yard for Daddy and enjoyed some time playing outside in the water! (Kayden especially loves dumping water on the dogs and spraying them with the water guns.) After naptime we went over to Cousin Connor's house to spend Father's Day with the Johnson family. Here are Kayden and Connor up to no good together!
and Cousins Landry, Hunter and Kyra.... Kayden and Connor got a little quality time with Grampsy....you should see the two of these boys fight for Grampsy's attention - it is funny!
Happy Father's Day to Daddy, Grampsy, Grandpa Ken and Grandpa Jan! We love you all!!

19 June 2010

Keeping It Cool

Beautiful weather again today (after all the rain we have had!) so we got to play outside for a bit - Kayden LOVES it outside!!

14 June 2010

Cousin Devyn's Graduation!

Kayden's cousin Devyn graduated from high school and we got to go to her graduation party this past weekend - here he is posing with the grad - congrats Devyn! We love you and we're proud of you!!

04 June 2010

Yum~ D.Q. Time!

Mommy (or should I say Baby) has been craving Dairy Queen for the last week so finally last night Daddy went out and got some for us! Is it bad to say that Kayden has NEVER had Dairy Queen (or any ice cream really) until now?? He loved it but took big bites and I think ended up with a couple head rushes......he only ended up eating a few bites of it and then was 'done'. I suppose that's better than devouring the whole thing (like Mommy did)... :)