21 September 2009

17 months

Wow - I can't believe that Kayden turned 17 months old today - what happened to that little boy I used to carry around everywhere? Now he's running around like crazy! The weather was like a nice, fall day today so we got outside and enjoyed it while we still can. Here he is enjoying the backyard...oh how I love having a fence!he fence at the neighbor's dog...sorry neighbors, but it is what they do! :) I'd LOVE to see this photo from the other side! The dogs even enjoyed their time outside today chasing each other around and wearing themselves out - Cabo might need to run a little more - he's getting a bit chunky!


Kayden went to the orthopaedic surgeon today to have x-rays (again!) for his hip dysplasia and.......good news~ the dr said his hips looked so great that he does not need to go back anymore - yea!!! She said he was walking and running great and while she did still hear a little clicking, she was not concerned by it. So glad to have that done and behind us - Go Kayden!

19 September 2009


We went to check out 'Ale'Burn tonight - it was a bust! Mommy thought it sounded like a good time to try out some brews- turns out they only had one and they were sold out!! So we had to settle for Miller Lite and a band.....but Kayden did get to sit on the tractor- and Kraig thought Morton was a small town....... Here's Kayden checking out the band with Grampsy - yes, we tempted him with the thought of trying out 'ales' as well -turns out we know not to waste our time next year!

13 September 2009

Da BeaRs!

It was the Bears FIRST game today and Kayden was all decked out in his Bears jersey - thank to "Uncle Robbie"!! Doesn't he look so handsome?? :) We went over to our neighbor's to watch the game and Kayden was so excited to have so many people to entertain - it's a tough job but someone has to do it.
Kayden was a bit disappointed by the Bear's loss......maybe next time.

12 September 2009

It's JAMBA time!

We went to Barnes and Nobles today to play with the train and had to stop at Jamba for a treat- Kayden's FIRST Jamba Juice - and he loved it!! Can you tell?!

10 September 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Kraig and I celebrated our THIRD anniversary yesterday (09.09.09) - I can't believe how fast the time has gone! We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Barrington to celebrate (because we frequented the one in Cabo on our honeymoon!) and it was DELICIOUS!! Cousin Devyn was nice enough to come babysit Kayden so we could have an 'adult only' night - we had so much fun! Thanks Devyn!! And Happy Anniversary Kraig - I love you!

03 September 2009

Park Day with Cael!

Kayden met Cael at the park today for a playdate.......and Cael tried to show Kayden how we go 'down' the steps without falling on our face! Kayden is still trying to learn that one hence the marks on his forehead! Thanks for playing Cael - hopefully we see you and Paige again soon!!