20 February 2010

STeaK?? YuM!!

Tonight we had steak for dinner so Kayden got to try it for the first time. This was a big deal as it is Daddy's FAVORITE meal...... and Kayden did NOT disappoint - he LOVED it!!

13 February 2010

Potty UPdate

Well with Kayden being sick for the last week, he hasn't really asked us to go to the bathroom. However, last night when I was getting him ready for the bath, he told me he had to go potty. So I told him to sit down on his potty chair. He told me NO and stood there and peed on the floor! Oh boy - I'm going to have my hands full with this one!!

we tried to RUN, but it CAUGHT us.....

......the flu bug that is!! It has been a rough week in our house. Kayden woke up last Friday morning throwing up and continued to throw up ALL DAY long. And then again Saturday. And Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday. The poor guy was just exhausted and miserable. All he wanted to do was sleep and he didn't care where it was as long as he could get somewhat comfy! We went to the doctor TWICE in the last week and it turns out he had the stomach flu (which he ever so graciously passed to me this week...yuck) and then got bronchitis on top of it! So he is now on antibiotics and starting to feel a bit better. Today was a no-puke day and we'd LOVE it if we can get two in a row! Hopefully we have paid our dues and can turn the corner on this and all be healthy. We'll keep our fingers crossed!