29 November 2011

Decorating the tree

We decorated our tree last night and Kayden got to do his "job" of putting the star on top (with a little help from Daddy of course!)

Kayden was the perfect age this year to help put the ornaments on the tree (although it got a little bottom heavy with ornaments!)

The boys....
Our beautiful tree-  I just love Christmas time!!

Santa's little helpers....

IMG_4594 IMG_4595

28 November 2011

Visit to Aunt Jodi's

Kraig had to work all weekend so I decided to take the boys to my sister's for the weekend. We took all the kids to Snapperz - a fun play place so they could wear off some energy - they all had a blast together! Carter enjoyed crawling all around....

IMG_4501 IMG_4504 IMG_4493
And Kayden and Tanner loved the bumper cars and the bungee trampoline!

IMG_4527 IMG_4524 IMG_4529 IMG_4549
Carter got a little snuggle time with Aunt Jodi too!

When we got back to my sister's house, Carter decided she needed a little help in reorganizing her cabinets...

Thanks for a fun weekend - we had a great time!

25 November 2011

Oh Christmas Tree.....

We went out with the Johnson family today to find our Christmas tree - it is such a wonderful tradition and we had a great time! Everyone getting ready to head out on the search (oh yeah, it was cold!)....

heading out family
Kayden and cousin Kyra....

kayden and kyra 
The "boys" - otherwise known as Hunter, Connor and Kayden...

Grandma and Grampsy...

royal and debby 
Carter got a birds-eye view from Grampsy!

grampsy and carter 
And Kayden got to test his skills on the tractor....

kayden on tractor 2 
Kayden helped Daddy pick out the PERFECT tree and cut it down!

IMG_4456 IMG_4479 IMG_4481
Our family with our new tree....
And all the kids enjoyed warming up with hot chocolate when we were done! What a perfect day - I love traditions like this!


24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nobody was in the "camera mood" today so I didn't get much.....
but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We enjoyed the day with the Johnson family.

IMG_4445 IMG_4448

21 November 2011

Gearing up for Thanksgiving!

Kayden made his Thanksgiving feathers at daycare this week and got to write what he was thankful for on each feather - his list: chicken and rice; my vest; Aunt Jodi's house; Spiderman; Mommy, Daddy, Carter, Cabo & Wrigley, the sun. Such a cute list, and totally random! :) But he was very proud of it!

IMG_4443 IMG_4444
My Mom and Jan came to visit this week and Kayden got to have movie time and popcorn with them - his favorite!


01 November 2011

Family Pictures

Once again, Colleen (Krash Photography) did an awesome job with our family pictures!! Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot.....
family boys DSC04834-1553449527-O kayden carter DSC04778-1553382657-O DSC05048-1553622154-O