08 January 2010

Some Sunshine from TeXaS

My dad and his family came to visit us last week and it was so nice to see them! We hadn't seen my dad since the car accident in June (and he's looking great!) and we hadn't seen Laura and the boys in a long time!! So it was nice to have them over and visit with us. Kayden enjoyed playing with Grandpa Ken's phone (it's one he hasn't seen before and apparently so much more fun than the ones he has already)And this was the first time Kayden got to meet Laura - he took to her instantly! They brought a fun new Christmas toy for Kayden - a fire truck!! He loved riding around on it (and a good way to chase the dogs!) and it is now one of his favorite toys.
Here are the boys hanging out -they actually all smiled for me (well everyone but Kraig, but hey, 3 out of 4 ain't bad!) That's Brandon, Ryan and Austin.
Kayden hanging out with Grandpa Ken - he insisted on being carried around by Grandpa most of the day, it was cute!!
Thank you for coming to visit us!! We love you guys and can't wait to get down there and visit you soon!!