26 December 2009

SNOW day....

We got A LOT of snow today so Kayden got to try out his new shovel that he got for Christmas! He went out to help Mommy and Daddy shovel the driveway and got to play in the snow too! He helped Daddy build a "snow" castle..... and then had MORE fun kicking it down!!
And he got to make snow angels too - he was having so much fun in the snow drifts that were way up over his head!! (this is actually the snowpile on the side of our driveway that he is SITTING in, not lying down....if that tells you how much snow we got)
And before we went inside, we had to try out his new sled too...but he was cold (and had lost a mitten) and was tired of being outside at this point. So we headed inside to warm up!