27 May 2009

WeekEND Trip

We took a trip this past weekend to Aunt Jodi and Uncle Troy's house. Cousin Jenna had a soccer tournament so we got to go watch her play! She did such a great job and her team won the whole tournament- Go Jenna!! She even scored a goal in the championship game!! Here she is on the field.... And Kayden got to enjoy snacks on the sideline - where there is food, he is all about it! He also had fun hanging out with Cousin Tanner and pestering him! And here is Cousin Tanner - he is getting so big - I can't believe he will be 5 this year - where does the time go?? By the way, this is about the 10th picture I took of him b/c he would either smile or look at the camera, but not both at the same time! Isn't he handsome??
Kayden with Cousin Jenna at the end of her game - he really WAS happy to see her!! I think he was just tired of watching all the games - he just wanted to play.
Thank you for a wonderful weekend!! We're sorry we missed you Cousin Jordan (she got to go to New York for the weekend - her school band played at Carnegie Hall - how cool!!) - we hope to see you next time!