31 May 2009

SuMMeRTiMe FuN!!

We had beautiful weather today so we got Kayden's baby pool out for him to play - this was about as close as he got to actually getting IN to the pool!! He did dunk his face in a few times and also figured out how to step on the side so all the water would rush out....he's a smart little cookie. Wrigley and Cabo enjoyed the weather outside with us too - they both thought the pool made a GREAT water bowl however I only caught Cabo with the camera! As you can see, Wrigley was too busy enjoying the shade.
And here's Kayden again enjoying his time NEXT to the pool, not actually in it. Oh well, maybe one of these days the water in the pool will be warm enough to actually sit and play in - or we'll just have to go to the BIG pool! But we did enjoy our nice weather today - even Mommy and Daddy got some sun!!