11 January 2009

Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow!

We took Kayden out to play in the snow today - his first day of really playing in it and he enjoyed it! Our neighbors were kind enough to let us borrow their sled- but there was too much snow and he just kept falling over in the tracks! We did get to try out his snowsuit from Cousin Tanner and it worked great - thanks Aunt Jodi!! Here he is working on his snow angels.... Kayden wanted his doggies to come out and play with him but of course all Wrigley wanted to do was sit on the patio and shiver b/c it was just TOO cold for him! Such a baby....
But Cabo got in on the action - he LOVES the snow!! Here he is chasing snowballs that Daddy was throwing.
And then Daddy thought it would be fun to bury Kayden in the snow.....he was loving it until he got some on his face....TOO COLD! But what a fun day in the snow -good thing he enjoyed it b/c we have more on the way!!!