21 January 2009

9 MoNtHs OlD!

Kayden turned 9 months old today - where has the time gone?? I cannot believe that it has been 9 months since we first saw him! So much has happened in the last month - he has a top tooth coming in and another one close to coming thru - that will be 4 teeth for him so far! He went to the orthopeadic surgeon yesterday for his hips and had another xray done - he got the all clear and does not have to go back until he is a year and a half - yea!! He went to the dr today for his checkup and he is 29.5 inches tall (90th percentile!) and 19 lbs, 8 oz (40th percentile)....the dr called him 'long and lean' but he's still my little chunky monkey! He has started CRAWLING this past week! He is getting further and faster every day and now we really have to keep an eye on him - he can get himself into trouble in no time! He's also pulling himself up on anything that he can - he LOVES to stand! A few times we have found him in his crib standing up and holding on - it's pretty cute to see that little face peering over the top of the crib when we walk in his room! He has also started eating lots of people food and loves them (really he just loves feeding himself anything that he can - he'd MUCH rather do it himself!) He is growing and changing so much every day and we love watching all that he learns to do.