12 October 2011

"J is for Job"

Kayden learns a "letter of the week" at daycare (one of the many reasons we LOVE Miss Jen!) and this week's letter was "J". They make a book for each letter and the pages are different things pertaining to that letter. This was one of the pages out of his "J" book - too cute! I love his answers!!

In case you can't read it, here's what it says:

Where does Mommy work? I don't know
What does she do at her job? She finds a different house
What things does she use to do her job? Computer, toys
What does she wear to her job? Green skirt, green sweater, tall black shoes
Why does she have a job? Because she has appointments
Does she like her job? Yes

Where does Daddy work? Target
What does he do at work? Takes a sandwich to eat and then calls somebody
What things does he use to do his job? Shoes, gum
What does he wear to his job? Gray pants, red shirt, black and brown shoes
Why does he have a job? Because Daddy has appointments
Does he like his job? Yes

Since we were discussing jobs, Kayden decided he needed a job and wanted to go to work with Uncle Logan. Lucky for him, we went there this week and he always loves to work with Uncle Logan when we go there! The ladies made him his own name badge and he was SO excited about it!!