18 September 2011

{Pumpkin Festival 2011}

My brother flew into town for the weekend and we drove the boys down to our hometown for its annual Pumpkin Festival! Ahh - nothing like the good ole' P Fest ~ brings back such memories! This was (and still is) THE festival of the year in Morton. It was strange to go back after so many years of being away but felt like home all in the same. Kayden had such a great time and I was so happy to see him enjoying it like I used to - definitely something we'll have to make a tradition! Grandma and Pop Pop met us there too! IMG_3591 IMG_3553 IMG_3594 IMG_3615

Kayden got to ride some rides (his new favorite thing!)

IMG_3588 IMG_3568 IMG_3738 IMG_3618
And we also checked out the parade on Saturday morning - Kayden was so excited to watch the parade and more importantly, get the candy that they threw - Uncle Brian was helping him with that!
 IMG_3686 IMG_3650 IMG_3652 IMG_3673
Carter even got some goodies! IMG_3676
And the boys got to spend some quality time with Uncle Brian! IMG_3696 IMG_3711
A little family picture - my mom, Brian, myself, Kayden and Carter IMG_3740
Before we left town, we went to visit some old neighbor friends of ours and they still live across the street from our old house. I couldn't help but snap a picture of my childhood home.....I lived there for 19 years - such great memories!! (Hope the new owners don't mind!) :) IMG_3743
What a great trip - we will definitely be going back next year! Maybe we can even get Kraig to go with us. ;)