22 April 2011

Happy HALF Birthday!!

Yesterday, Carter turned 6 months old! But since yesterday was Kayden's day, Carter will get today's post! =) He is such a HAPPY baby!! Loves to watch and smile at Kayden - he is mesmorized by him! He still isn't rolling over but he can sit pretty well on his own and is getting stronger every day. He loves oatmeal & baby food and is a fabulous sleeper- he sleeps 12-13 hours at night and takes 2-3 naps per day! He doesn't have any teeth yet but is getting close - we can tell by the heavy drooling lately and the fact that he is starting to get much fussier and chewing on everything he can get his hands on. Hopefully they will break thru soon! He weighs 16 pounds, 13 oz and is 26.5 inches long (50th percentile for both). We are excited to see all the new things he discovers over the coming months! Happy Half Birthday Dear Carter - we love you!!


Hey - what is this thing on my shirt?? IMG_2103
Carter got his first shot at the dr for his 6 month checkup and he took it like a champ! He didn't cry or even flinch - I'm not sure he even knew they did anything!!