01 November 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Kraig's family all came over again this year to trick-or-treat with us and what a crew we had!
Kayden and Carter were ready to hit the streets as a firefighter and a monkey~

Cousins Landry and Kyra had fun hitting all the houses in the neighborhood...
And the "boys" had fun hanging out with Grampsy and getting all the candy (I think Grampsy was taking a 50% cut on the candy gathered...) ;) Cousin Hunter (devil), Cousin Connor (monkey) and Kayden....
 Kayden spilled his candy a few times but everyone helped him pick it up! (except for poor Connor who couldn't even see out of his mask!)
 Kayden wasn't so sure about knocking on the doors....
 ...but he LOVED getting more candy!!

We had a great time - Happy Halloween Everyone!