12 October 2010


We spent the afternoon at a new place in St. Charles called Kids Play World - they just opened in August and had a FREE Fall Festival today - since, FREE is totally in my price range, we thought we'd check it out!  The place is set up with about 6 different rooms all with different themes - very CUTE!

 Kayden loved the train table as did all the boys! We met our friends Charlie and Bryce there and Kayden's new friend - Dylan!
 Bryce loved the train table too!
 Charlie and Kayden had a great time 'sharing' the tools - this chain saw was a big hit!

 This is Kayden's new friend, Dylan - isn't he a cutie??
 Kayden LOVES to clean - sweeping, vacuuming, you name it and he is all about it - if only that would last! So this room was a big hit for him - he even checked out the ironing board! (must get that from daddy b/c mommy does NOT like to iron!)
 The horsie was a big hit too - he kept saying it was like the horses at Grampsy's house (although the horses aren't even there anymore!)
 One of the coolest rooms was this 'dark room' - they had music blasting and lights flashing - the kids all loved it! Kayden was rocking out to his guitar and dancing - it was sooo cute!!
 And the bouncey ball was fun - although he took a few good tumbles right off of it- but he kept getting right back on it!

 He finished out the afternoon with a little quiet time reading the books- he's definitely our little bookworm!