24 September 2010

BIG Boy!

Kayden is becoming quite the BIG boy lately!! He LOVES drinking from a big boy cup - thinks he is sooo cool (and looks pretty darn grown up doing it!). This week, he stayed dry ALL week at daycare (he was having an accident or two a week there) so he is now allowed to wear underwear to daycare since he had such a great week!! Yea - officially NO MORE pullups anywhere!! And last week, we switched him to his big boy bed and he has done GREAT so far! He loves to climb in and lay down and hasn't gotten out in the middle of the night (so far). He sits in there in the morning and reads his books and waits for us to come in and get him -then he climbs out - it is sooo cute!! Let's hope it stays that way! :)

And our "other" boys felt they needed their photo taken too - so here they are!