28 August 2010

PoTTy uPDaTe

Kayden has been doing GREAT with his potty training!! He went 8 nights in a row waking up with a dry pull-up (yea Kayden!!) so we let him wear his big boy underwear to bed but unfortunately, he had too much to drink before bed that night and woke up a little wet! But last night he wore his big boy underwear to bed again and woke up DRY this morning - he was so excited!! He kept telling me 'no pee pee in bed'! He has also been doing great during the days - no accidents at home and a couple random accidents at daycare here and there. However, since I started bribing him this week (I know, I know....but it works!!) he has been dry at daycare too! I can't believe how BIG my little boy is getting - he is growing up so fast!!