21 June 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!

Daddy had to work on Father's Day - but we got a quick picture of him and his 'mini-me' before he left! The weather turned out to be nice (even though they were calling for rain AGAIN) so Kayden and Mommy mowed the yard for Daddy and enjoyed some time playing outside in the water! (Kayden especially loves dumping water on the dogs and spraying them with the water guns.) After naptime we went over to Cousin Connor's house to spend Father's Day with the Johnson family. Here are Kayden and Connor up to no good together!
and Cousins Landry, Hunter and Kyra.... Kayden and Connor got a little quality time with Grampsy....you should see the two of these boys fight for Grampsy's attention - it is funny!
Happy Father's Day to Daddy, Grampsy, Grandpa Ken and Grandpa Jan! We love you all!!