24 May 2010

Visit to Grandma and Grandpa's

Kayden and I decided to head to Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jan's for the weekend (since Daddy had to work all weekend) and the weather was going to be beautiful! We went to Crystal Lake Park in Urbana and had such a good time - we had planned to take a paddleboat ride but they don't open until 12:00 and we were there around 9! So we roamed around the park checking everything out. They had these BEAUTIFUL tulip trees - I want one of these for my yard!! And rushing rivers - Kayden had to check it out with Grandpa! I was waiting for Kayden to drop his shoe over the edge but luckily everything stayed on........except for his pants! Did I mention that the shorts I packed for him were a little too big?? They were fine if I rolled them but the minute he started running down the path, they would fall down to his ankles. Luckily, he thought it was really funny and just kept pulling them back up! They had a cool water feature (which yes, Kayden stepped into and slipped!)
and the water feature ran all the way down a stream and into the lake. Kayden was having fun throwing sticks into the stream and watching them float down. A couple times, he got a little too close and we were certain he was going to float into the lake WITH the sticks!!
Grandma insisted that we see the Labyrinth at the park.....a place of meditation...
....so Kayden checked it out and walked the lines!
Kayden with Grandma and Grandpa We had such a great time -thank you for letting us come visit!!! We look forward to more trips down there this summer and to floating on the lazy river!