09 October 2009

ArIzOnA VaCa!!!

We stayed at my mom's house in Arizona and had a great vacation - the weather was perfect every day and we enjoyed a lot of time outside. Kayden took his first plane ride to Arizona - and he really did enjoy it more than it seems in this picture! He was a good boy on the plane considering the small space we were in. And he slept part of the way both ways!Kayden spent 4 days with Grandma Mary while we went to the wedding - and he had such a great time!! Thank you Grandma Mary!he hung out on her patio...... checked out the golf course from Grandma's backyard...hung out at the pool...... chased the birds around the pool area..... and he LOVED the fact that Grandma has 'lever' knobs on her doors- so easy for him to open!! The pantry seemed to be his favorite place to go - always wanting a snack (notice there is nothing actually in his reach!).......We went to visit some friends who live in Arizona and got to spend the day in their pool - what great mountain views they have from their backyard! Here is Kayden 'swimming' with daddy - he did a great job on his belly and kept dunking his face over and over again in the water - he's such a little fish! and he LOVED their dog Mia - so cute!!Here is Mommy and Grandma
Daddy, Kayden and Mommy at the fountain
We had such a great time on our much-needed family vacation - we can't wait to go back again soon!!