27 July 2009

~15 months old~

Kayden turned 15 months old last week! We went to the dr the other day for his checkup and he weighed in at 22 lbs, 11 oz (25th percentile) and 31 inches (50th percentile) - his head circumference also changed from the 10th percentile to the 50th percentile - we're hoping that is just swelling still from the accident!! He now has his 8 front teeth and his 2 top molars (his bottom 2 molars are close to coming in) - it's been a busy month! He is also very busy getting in to EVERYTHING and climbing and exploring. He is climbing up all the furniture and loves going up the stairs on his own! He also LOVES playing outside and throws a fit if we have to come back in most days! The temper tantrums are definitely in full swing but usually they are so cute, it's hard not to laugh. He's a very good boy and has a great personality - laughing & smiling all the time! He is still taking two naps a day although some days it's a struggle - we have tried one nap a day a couple times but just doesn't seem to be enough for him. Maybe one of these days - I'm in no rush! He is also still sleeping 12 hours at night which Mommy and Daddy really like. He's getting really good at kicking his soccer ball around (which makes Daddy really happy!) He still only says a few words here and there but "Mama" and "Dada" all day long which is cute!