22 February 2009

10 months OLD!

Kayden turned 10 months old yesterday - I can't believe we are going to be planning his first birthday party soon! He is such an active boy these days - crawling all around, pulling up to stand on everything and even cruising on the furniture (everyone tells us he'll be walking soon but I kinda hope not - I don't think I'm ready for that yet!) He has four teeth so far and a couple more trying to come in which are giving him some pain and he is trying to bite on EVERYTHING! He is completely on 'big people food' now and loves to eat whatever mommy and daddy are eating. And over the last couple weeks, he's begun weaning himself from nursing which is good and sad all at the same time! Here's a couple pictures of him hanging out at home with mommy and daddy - he even wanted to help me with the laundry! And here's how I found him when I went to get him up from his nap this morning. He really seems to like the new bear that we bought him - they were all snuggled up together!