21 November 2008

*7 months old*

Kayden turned 7 months old today and it's been such an exciting month! He has finally mastered rolling both ways and is getting himself around now. And his two bottom teeth came in within the last couple weeks - as soon as I can get a good picture of them, I'll post it! He is enjoying sitting and playing and watching his dogs go crazy - and they love giving him kisses (and he loves their kisses!) :) He went to the doctor yesterday and weighed in at 19 lbs, 3.8 oz -he's a big boy but surprisingly that only puts him in the 70th percentile for weight so he's slimming down (daddy says he needs to start eating steak and beef jerky!) and he is 29 and 1/4 inches tall! We tried giving him one of the Gerber puffs yesterday but he had no interest in eating it - just playing with it as you can see!
Mommy what is on my chin? I'm supposed to EAT this??

We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and all the time he will get to spend with family (and he will get to meet Cousins Amy and Anne that he hasn't met yet!)